Sync YOUR Files, From YOUR Servers, To YOUR iOS or Android Device, Via FTP


Before DropBox, Box, Google Drive, or OneDrive, there was FileSync (now FTPFileSync), a pioneer in file sharing on mobile devices. FileSync was one of the first 1000 apps in the AppStore, officially released in September 2008 (the Apple AppStore opened July 2008). In 2015, FTPFileSync was re-written from the ground up.

FTPFileSync allows you to easily sync one or more FTP servers with your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) or Android device. Once the files are on your device you can view them with FTPFileSync or open them in other specialty apps.

Standard features include: sync with unlimited FTP servers, file viewer (including zip file support), media viewer/player, portrait or landscape views supported, app password protection, server settings password protection, search, print, PDF scrolling or paging, "Inbox/Open With" FTPFileSync support, and Action menu support (open files in other apps).

In-App Upgrades (99 Cents Each)

Other than our long list of standard features, we offer some additional in-app upgrades (just 99 cents each) to unlock some extra special features!
  • Favorites

    Just left-swipe and choose any file or directory to feature on the home screen, just below your server list for extra quick access
  • Ignoring Files

    Just left-swipe and choose any file or directory to ignore on the next sync
  • Deleting Files (From Server)

    Just left-swipe and choose any file to permanently delete from the server (use with caution!)
  • On Demand Download

    Sync with a server and download file names and locations only; later choose any file to download the next time you do a sync with the server
  • SFTP and FTPS

    Your FTP connection is extra secure (encrypted) with SFTP and FTPS support
  • Co-Branding and Remote Management (Coming Soon)

    You provide us with a custom background image, all of your FTP server settings, and any user can instantly load or refresh custom settings by entering a unique passcode (that you build)